LDAs are not lawyers and do not offer legal advice, discuss legal strategies, answer questions of a legal nature, select forms for the consumer, or appear in court on the consumer’s behalf.

Teuninck & DeBishoppe, Inc.

A legal document assistant (LDA, also commonly known as "document technician," "legal document preparer," "legal technician," "online legal document provider" and "legal document clerk")[1] in the United States is a non-lawyer authorized to assist with the preparation of legal instruments. Unlike a paralegal, legal document assistants do not work under the supervision of an attorney.

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Estate Plan Portfolio. To avoid Probate, the process of legally establishing the validity of a will before a judicial authority. This process can typically take 7 months to a year.

Our portfolio includes:

Required Forms and Declaration

If a loved one passes with a will we can prepare the complicated forms and declarations required by the court to record property ownership to the rightful heirs.

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